MAS-H2A Program for Agricultural Employers

The H-2A program is the only legal non-immigrant temporary seasonal foreign worker visa program for agricultural employers. Workers may be employed from six weeks to ten and one-half months of the year, depending on the job to be performed. There is no limit to the number of years an employer or worker can participate in the program.

Who May Apply
Any U.S. agricultural employer or group of employers who can demonstrate a seasonal or temporary recurring labor need may apply for the H-2A program. Examples of industries and operations which currently use the program to meet some or all of their seasonal labor needs include

  • bee keepers
  • custom harvesters
  • hay, grain, and wheat growers
  • vegetable, tobacco and other field crop growers
  • fruit growers and orchardists
  • organic and other specialty or boutique agricultural businesses
  • nurseries and greenhouse growers
  • Christmas tree growers
  • horse, cattle and other livestock operations if there are seasonal aspects to the business, like foaling or calving.

When to Apply
Although emergency applications are possible, the complex multi-stage H-2A process that MAS-H2A handles for employers generally takes 80 days, and there are housing and other program requirements that need to be addressed in advance. Except in emergencies, please contact MAS-H2A at least 120 days - - four months - - prior to the date you need workers to begin work. That gives MAS time to do our best work on your behalf.

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